** Spiritual Messengers: Prepare for 2015 (webcast for worldwide participation December 27th - 30th 2014 - US) **

"4 Days of Healing: The Embodied Messenger"

Embody Your Message, Gifts and Purpose

Four Days of Advanced Spiritual Training and Experience to Support You in Finally Breaking Free with Your Mission:
  • Day One: The Four Stages of Consciousness.
  • Day Two: Embody (Your Gifts and Message).
  • Day Three: Surrender (into Your Divine Purpose).
  • Day Four: Union (with Yourself, the Divine, and Your Tribe).
Participants Receive:
  • Four Consecutive Sessions full of Advanced Spiritual Concepts in combination with Divine Transmissions so you can integrate what you’re learning and immediately begin more powerfully serving your audience with your message.
  • Participate with each session as a listener, or interact live with Ken via phone or Skype at the beginning of each session so you can get answers to your questions directly.
  • Download MP3′s of each session for FREE so you can listen again any time throughout the year.
  • Shift from bogged down and frustrated to weightlessly dancing in joy moving at lightening speed towards your life’s purpose.
Participants from prior year’s
4 Days of Healing said:

“Thank you Ken! I just awakened from a deep, deep sleep after your incredible soul healing! It was a profound experience!!! I’ve had thousands of healings over the years and this healing was absolutely extraordinary!”

“I am very grateful for today’s session. First off, Ken’s gentle intuitive attunement with “me” and I am sure many of the group to stop looking for fireworks was spot on with where I was at. I had just been thinking, “oh wow nothing is happening tonight” It brought to light a yet unseen tendency to look outside. When I fell into what is HERE, there was a profound alchemical process of Ken’s loving energy, and my compassionate attention bringing to light a soul wound constellated around the experience and thought “the world is not safe” What transpired was beyond the mind but a visceral experience of that being healed. Honoring Ken, his gifts and surrendering to this Great Mystery.”

“Dearest Ken, A word of gratitude from the depth of my heart… I now realize that I’ve been longing for a connection like this for years. Without all the struggle, someone to guide me to the (inner) Light by saying: “Trust me, receive, it is DONE.” And so it is… Infinite blessings from Holland”

“Perfect again Ken I am grateful for your divine message”

“During the meditation I felt a wave of warmth come over my body and sw waves of purple come in and out of my awareness.i sooo need to call back my power I have given it away throughout my life, thank u again”

“I feel the heartbeat of life in all of me – it’s amazing what a feeling. “

What Will YOU Learn and Experience This Year?!