** FREE Healing Sessions (webcast for worldwide participation December 27th - 30th 2013 - US) with Ken W. Stone **

"4 Days of Healing: Re-Tuning Your
Body, Mind and Spirit For 2014"

Experience Divine Resonance in Your Life

Four FREE Days of Healing to Support You
  • Day One: Eliminate and release fear and anxiety.
  • Day Two: Stand in your power in any situation.
  • Day Three: Deeply connect to yourself so you can connect to your true desires.
  • Day Four: Experience your true desires in your life everyday.
Live All Aspects of Your Life in Divine Grace
  • Move beyond the barriers that are holding you back, and open your entire being to a visceral experience of Divine resonance.
  • Learn more about AND experience the transformation of consciousness that our entire planet is going through right now.
  • Connect more deeply and authentically with yourself.
  • Transition into the New Year with this powerful series of energetic springboards so you can experience greater resonance in every area of your life.
Participants from last year’s
4 Days of Healing said:

“Thank you Ken! I just awakened from a deep, deep sleep after your incredible soul healing! It was a profound experience!!! I’ve had thousands of healings over the years and this healing was absolutely extraordinary!”

“I am very grateful for today’s session. First off, Ken’s gentle intuitive attunement with “me” and I am sure many of the group to stop looking for fireworks was spot on with where I was at. I had just been thinking, “oh wow nothing is happening tonight” It brought to light a yet unseen tendency to look outside. When I fell into what is HERE, there was a profound alchemical process of Ken’s loving energy, and my compassionate attention bringing to light a soul wound constellated around the experience and thought “the world is not safe” What transpired was beyond the mind but a visceral experience of that being healed. Honoring Ken, his gifts and surrendering to this Great Mystery.”

“Dearest Ken, A word of gratitude from the depth of my heart… I now realize that I’ve been longing for a connection like this for years. Without all the struggle, someone to guide me to the (inner) Light by saying: “Trust me, receive, it is DONE.” And so it is… Infinite blessings from Holland”

“Well I just have to report that during todays session I entered such a beautiful, deep and nourishing stillness. Since then it has been nothing but bliss bubbles of giggles and laughter.”

“Ken, thank you very much for the beautiful and indeed very powerful 4 days of healing sessions.”